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Aged Care Updates

9 January 2019 2019 welcome Firstly, the ANMF wishes all of our nurses and care workers in aged care a very happy New Year. Your Organisers will be visiting your workplaces on a regular basis throughout 2019 for morning and afternoon teas, as well as members meetings to discuss specific issues such as enterprise agreement negotiations. […]

Calvary Theatres

9 January 2019 ANMF have been advised that some members have been experiencing some shift changes from 8 hour shifts to 6 and 10 hours. ANMF encourage anyone with concerns regarding this matter to contact ANMF for advice by calling (03) 6223 6777 or email

Change Proposal Glenmorgan Spring Bay Community Nursing

9 January 2019 ANMF received a reply to our response to this change proposal. ANMF were advised of the following: The change proposal is in response to increasing complexity and demand for community-based nursing care within the catchment area for the Glamorgan Spring Bay service. The retirement of the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) presented a […]

Mental Health Hospital In The Home

9 January 2019 ANMF will be putting forward a formal response to the new proposed mental health hospital in the home model of care. ANMF members welcome comments from members in the Department of Psychiatry (DOP), Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) Psychiatric Emergency Nurses (PEN’s), Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT) and other community mental […]

Royal Hobart Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

9 January 2019 ANMF are seeking feedback on the change proposal for the Department of Emergency (DEM) regarding night duty shift changes. 15 minutes will be removed from the beginning of the night duty shift, to the end of the shift. ANMF will meet with DEM members today to seek feedback and provide a response. […]