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Social Media – Sharing Do’s and Don’ts

12 December 2018 Throughout the recent public sector campaign, we have received communication from some members that they are reluctant to share ANMF materials on social media because they are concerned that it may get them into ‘trouble’ with their employer. Can sharing ANMF material be harmful? We do not believe that an employee should […]

Royal Hobart Hospital Main Theatre

12 December 2018 Members displayed concerns regarding the response received from Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) management to their ongoing overtime and increased sick leave. ANMF will be putting forward a request formally for overtime and sick leave data. Pending further discussion with OT management, ANMF may seek a review in the Industrial Commission to these […]

Royal Hobart Hospital Nurse Unit Managers

12 December 2018 ANMF has met with a number of Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs) across the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH). It was highlighted that many NUMs are working overtime with missed meal breaks and increased volumes of HR work related to recruitment of new staff. ANMF will be surveying NUMs in coming weeks to gather […]

Royal Hobart Hospital Ward Assesment Planning Unit (APU)

12 December 2018 A member meeting was held on the Assesment and Planning Unit (APU) on 30 November where members raised occupational health and safety concerns with the use of their 1A bed space. Members are concerned for their own and their patients safety regarding the use of this space. Members are also concerned about […]

Royal Hobart Hospital Ward 7A

12 December 2018 ANMF have sought a response in writing from Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) management regarding access to Assistants in Nursing (AINs) for ward 7A. A grievance has not yet been formally raised in response to verbal recognition that AINs could be used as required. However rightly so members on 7A remain concerned by […]