Several members contacted ANMF concerned about a potential loss of working hours in their area and an increase in their workload.  This related to an expression of interest for nursing staff on the Medical Unit to indicate if they were interested in working shorter shifts by commencing latter on the am shift and afternoon shift.

ANMF  met with Management  to discuss the concerns of potential roster shift changes. It was confirmed at the meeting that the memo distributed to staff in December 2013, “Expression of Interest”; that the CNM was endeavouring to identify if any current nursing staff would be interested in the option of alternate start or finish times.  This had been discussed at staff meetings and several staff indicated an interest in the option prior to distributing the memo.
It was confirmed that;
There will be no loss of WHPPD,
There will be no loss of current contracted hours, unless
By mutual agreement,
If contracted hours are reduced as a result  of electing to working a shorter shift/s these hours can be picked up in an alternate area or casual pool,
The intent of any changes is to better match resources with peaks and troughs in workloads and
Potential benefits to provide family friendly rostering.

Several staff have responded to the EOI notice with suggested alternate roster patterns.  There will be follow up with those staff who have expressed an interest and a draft roster will be developed for discussion with all staff.  In the event of any change to the current roster patterns the process will be monitored and evaluated to ensure the change is beneficial to all.

Please be assured if there is to be a reduction in WHPPD in any clinical environment full consultation with all key stakeholders will occur.