A new consolidated version of the above Award will be available on the ANMF website following advice from the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.
There are some important changes in the Award which includes conditions of other State employees which are beneficial to ANMF members.

Clause 5 – Work, Health and Safety
–      relates to employer and employer obligations to achieve best practice in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Clause 6 – Provision of Uniforms, Uniform Allowance, Laundering and Equipment
–      relates to laundering and replacement of uniforms
–      provision of appropriate work related equipment/tools

PART V – Hours of Duty
This part now set out in 3 sections of conditions of employment for nurses and midwives.
Section A – common conditions for Day Workers and Shift Workers
Section B – Special conditions of employment for Day Workers Only
Section C – Special conditions of employment for Shift Workers Only
–      includes minimum requirement for the introduction of a 12 hour shift arrangement

Clause 2 – Parental Leave
–      new clause entitlement for paid leave if the employer is unable to provide a safe job during pregnancy.

Clause 9 – Emergency Leave
–      new entitlement for leave for voluntary emergency services

Clause 1 – Consultation & Change
–      new clause which provides for a clearer process and obligations of the employer when changes to work arrangements and practices are proposed.
Clause 2 – Workload Management
–       additional sub-clauses on process and obligation of employee(s) and the employer to address workloads.

Part X
Clause 1 – Right of existing and new employees to Representation
New clause which is recognises rights of ANMF at the workplace (reference to Industrial Relations Act 1984)