Consultation sessions with all stakeholders are being conducted across the mental health sites.  To date it is proposed that in September / October 2014, thirty acute mental health inpatient beds on the RHH site will be relocated to the Roy Fagan Centre site. A small 6-10 bed Psychiatric Assessment and Planning Unit (PAPU) will remain on the RHH site.

The existing staffing model which involves the majority of staff working across both DPM and PICU has been reviewed and it is proposed that there will be changes to the existing roster approach prior to the relocation date later this year.

The next stage in this process is to survey all current staff to identify their individual preferences in regards to working on either DPM or PICU.  This exercise will be undertaken before the end of this month.
Any concerns or need for further information in relation to this proposal can be directed to Stewart Reed, Peter Handley or Tony Weare.

Members have raised some very relevant areas of risk to be included on the issues register;
–          How will code blacks and blue be managed?
–          Where will mothers and babies be located?
–          What car parking will be available and how will security of vehicles be managed?
–          With the removal of the PICU, where will patients previously admitted to PICU be admitted?

Members are encouraged to keep Sharmayne Batt, Clinical Liaison, MHS  updated with concerns for inclusion on the issues register.