Newsflash 2D Cardiology

Newsflash 2D Cardiology

Safe Staffing: 2D Cardiology at the RHH

ANMF met with members on 2D cardiology on Thursday 30 March 2017. In response to concerns raised, ANMF has written to the CEO of THS to outline the following issues:

  1. Seven additional beds have been opened on the ward prior to the recruitment of additional staff.
  2. Opening these beds without additional staff has resulted in a deficit of approximately 11 FTE nurses on the wards establishment.
  3. The current shortage equates to a deficit of at least one nurse per shift on the NHppD staffing levels, which are required to ensure safe patient care.
  4. Overtime and double shifts have increased as a result.
  5. The ward has been using casual and agency staff to cover gaps in the baseline rosters which has led to skill mix deficits on majority of shifts.

ANMF has put forward the following solutions, suggested by members, to ensure staff and patient safety on the ward:

  1. The closure of four beds until the establishment of 2D is able to safely staff all beds on the unit.
  2. Expedite the recruitment process for additional staff members, to cover the 7 additional beds to provide relief for current nurses experiencing fatigue.
  3. Ward aide hours to be extended into the evening shift on weekends.
  4. Ward clerk hours extended into the evening shift on weekdays and a ward clerk situated on the ward during weekend morning shifts.
  5. SLRS are to be completed when members feel they are working in unsafe conditions.

Members also unanimously passed the following resolution at the meeting:
‘ANMF members resolve that they will close 4 beds on 2D cardiology at the Royal Hobart Hospital and these will remain closed until the establishment of 2D is able to provide a full contingency of staff rostered on all shifts to ensure safe patient care can be carried out’

If a solution to the current staffing issues is not found, staff on the ward will begin to shut beds from 1200 on Monday 3 April 2017 as they become available.

If you have any concerns or questions you would like answered please contact Tristan Streefland, ANMF Organiser via email; or on 6223 6777.

Authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary), 31 March 2017