It has been a busy time at ANMF with negotiations of Enterprise Agreements in full swing. At the time of print, the following EA’s are currently being progressed:

  • Corumbene
    Two negotiation meetings have been held at Corumbene, where ANMF is negotiating on behalf of both nurses and carers in their separate agreements.   Management have made an offer to be bought back to members for discussion. Look out for ANMF holding meetings on site to hear members opinions on the offer.
  • Hobart Day Surgery
    The first negotiation meeting was held in which a discussion about payment for public holidays took place. Due to the unusual hours worked, a formula has been set up to address the variable rosters worked and application of this to employees. Skill mix was also discussed as members believe that there is insufficient acknowledgment of clinical expertise in the current agreement. Members have also requested for more workplace education and a new career structure that will help retain employees for the organisation. ANMF will continue to fight to improve the conditions of nurses at the site.
  • The Gardens
    Negotiations have commenced with the new owners “ Menarock”. The Log of Claims for non-nurses general agreement has been endorsed. The bargaining process has commenced and ANMF have raised concerns about potential loss of conditions for members.