Update: Regis

Following lengthy negotiations and reaching an impasse, Regis put out to ballot their proposed agreement in December 2017 which was subsequently endorsed by a majority vote of members. However, following this Regis has withdrawn its application for Fair Work Commission approval of the 2017 EA. This was due to the fact that Regis did not provide employees with the correct notice of employee representational rights at the time it began bargaining, so the bargaining process could not meet the minimum legal requirements for agreement approval.

As a result, the bargaining process must re-commence and Regis has agreed to begin a new bargaining process in late January 2018. While Regis have indicated to employees that they will put the agreement straight back out to ballot The Australian Nursing Midwifery Federation (Tasmanian Branch) will meet with members in Regis facilities next week to discuss the new bargaining process and seek members direction on whether they wish to re-open negotiations in regard to the proposed agreement. A survey will also be distributed to Regis members via email for those who are not able to attend the site meetings but have feedback to submit.