Aged Care Campaign National Day of Action

As most people would be aware ANMF launched the national campaign for Aged Care Ratios on International Nurses Day, Saturday the 12th May, 2018, on the lawns of the Clarence City Council lawns in Rosny. A great crowd of diverse and passionate community members gathered to support the campaign despite the weather conditions being less than favourable. Speakers on the day included Julie Collins MP, Steve Martin MP, aged care worker Irene McInerney and Southern Organiser Mandy Woodorth. It was inspiring and challenging to hear them talk about current conditions in aged are.

In the short time the campaign has been running it has been heartening to receive so much support, which was evident with the attendance of members of the public on the day. Many inspiring and sometimes heart rending stories were shared with us. For example, the daughter who when visiting her mother heard her banging a cup on her table repeatedly as she could not get assistance from staff to take her to the toilet. The same resident had experienced many falls due to attempting to get herself to the toilet after repeatedly pressing her call bell for assistance that just didn’t happen in time. Similar stories from staff currently working in aged care (both nurses and care workers) were told. They described how stressful it is to try and provide even basic care (like hygiene) let alone more complex care (such as palliative, or chronic wound care) with current staffing levels making it nearly impossible to do so.

It is clear that staff working in aged care genuinely wante to provide the best care they can for residents, but can not always do so due to under staffing. ANMF will certainly continue to work to achieve this change in aged care. We have been inspired by the many people we have spoken to, and on behalf of the amazing staff who work in aged care, and the residents who live in aged care facilities.

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