Meeting with Members

ANMF have been busy attending worksite visits and member meetings to offer information and support.

We are always interested in assisting our members with any issues or concerns, as well as hearing positive outcomes and uplifting stories that you are happy to share.

A consistent theme continues to be understaffing across aged care worksites, and support for our current Aged Care Campaign is strong.

We encourage all members to check all emails and text messages updating you on the campaign progress, and of any events.

We need all our members to be ‘active members’, meaning the bigger the attendance and support at rallies and events, the bigger our collective voice and message is to those who need to hear it. This is the way to effect positive change.

Southern Organiser Mandy Woodorth will be booking site visits, and member meetings while Member Communications and Engagement Officer Mandy Clark will be arranging morning and afternoon teas at all southern aged care sites.

We look forward to working together as a team and seeing you all out there!