Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI)

Update: ACFI

13 June 2018

ANMF have heard from members that they are often pressured to enter incorrect information into ACFI charting and assessment tools. Organisations are applying this pressure to increase ACFI funding through ‘uplifts’, and optimising funding received by each individual resident. This is very stressful for members as it is their name indicated on the document, and this would implicate the member if audited and found incorrect. Organisations stand to lose significant amounts of money if audited and documents have inaccurate information entered.

Another common form of pressure for ACFI data entry is employers saying to staff “if you increase ACFI funding, we can increase staffing levels’. This is unfair considering it is the employers responsibility to ensure adequate staffing (Aged Care Act 1997), and in addition the profits made by the organisations (particularly For Profit) which could easily be transferred into increasing staff levels and producing safe ratios for aged care.

ANMF are very interested to hear from members regarding their experiences and concerns regarding ACFI documentation within their workplace. Please contact the ANMF Member Support Team by emailing