Social Media Protocol

Dos and Dont’s

6 September 2018

Social Media Dos and Don’t’s:

Social media isn’t just social- we need to be mindful that our online activity may catch up with us. Setting our profiles to ‘private’ may feel like it offers a level of protection, however we see many cases where an employer has been supplied with screenshots of posts made, shared, or ‘liked’. This can impact existing employment.

Additionally, potential employers are increasingly searching a person’s online presence when considering offering employment. Photos out with your friends may seem fun while you are studying, but if they can be viewed easily, could unnecessarily taint someone’s view of you.


  • Making disparaging remarks about your organisation, patients/clients or fellow employees.
  • Making comments that may embarrass your organisation (for example, airing grievances – both professional and industrial and, in some instances, personal).
  • Identifying patients or posting information that may lead to the identification of a patient in your care.


  • Consider what you are putting online – you lose control of it once you do.
  • Reconsider putting your place of employment in any profiles.
  • Consider if your employer or the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia saw it, you would be happy.

A general rule of thumb with social media is do not write anything that you wouldn’t be happy seeing shared publicly.