Advice on your Extras

We want you to enjoy all that your Member Extras have to offer, let us know if you are having any troubles

Accessing your Member Advantage Extras Portal

The Member Extras online program can be accessed online via computer, tablet or phone. A range of dining and entertainment benefits can also be redeemed directly from your mobile device with your digital benefits card. On signing up you will have received a link to the program, simply click on the link and head to the portal. If it is your first time signing in,simply enter your email address. From there you’ll be prompted to setup a password for future use. Don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can get back there when you need to.

Member Extras

Logging in

Having trouble logging in or accessing your benefits? Contact Member Advantage on 1300 853 352 or email

No email link

Didn’t receive a welcome email? If you can’t locate a welcome email from us, there may be an issue with your details, perhaps they have changed since you became a member? Not a worry, you can get in touch with our Membership Department via email, phone (03) 6223 6777, or update them online here.