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There Are Currently No Positions Available


Thank you for your interest in ANMF (Tasmanian Branch). All positions are currently filled. Please visit our site again for future job postings that may relate to your experience and [...]

There Are Currently No Positions Available2018-06-14T11:45:52+10:00

Senior Member Support Officer


Senior Member Support Officer The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation - Tasmanian Branch (ANMF) is the leading professional and industrial body supporting nurses, midwives, and care workers in Tasmania. [...]

Senior Member Support Officer2017-12-07T09:31:18+11:00


[pdf-embedder url="wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ANMF-Media-Release-Budget-Announcement.pdf"]


Private Sector Agreements


Private Sector Agreements Anglicare Tasmania Anglicare Tasmania Inc. Collective Agrement 2014 Aus Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA Agreement 2014-2016 Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) Nurses Enterprise Agreement 2015 Calvary [...]

Private Sector Agreements2017-05-17T11:57:47+10:00

Aged Care Agreements


Aged Care Agreements Aged Care Deloraine Inc. Enterprise Agreement 2015 Aged Care Services Australia (ACSAG) Nurses and Aged Care Employees Agreement 2014 Baptcare Karingal Baptcare Karingal Agreement 2015 Bupa (Formerly [...]

Aged Care Agreements2017-05-17T11:57:24+10:00

Cadorna House


The ANMF visited Cadorna House to hold a morning tea with members, it was a great opportunity to discuss concerns and update members on the latest ANMF news.  

Cadorna House2017-05-02T11:19:57+10:00

LGH Induction


The ANMF attended another induction for new nurses on 24 May 2017, who were commencing their employment with THS at the LGH.  We love attending these events and enjoy chatting [...]

LGH Induction2017-05-02T11:15:56+10:00

PEN Nurse implementation at the LGH


THS Management have called a working group to discuss the implementation of a PEN (Psychiatric Emergency Nurse) position out of existing mental health services that are in the community.  The ANMF [...]

PEN Nurse implementation at the LGH2017-05-02T11:12:05+10:00

LGH Angiography


The date for May Shaw to take over the James Scott Wing is 1 May 2017. The ANMF continue to advocate for a number of members with unique circumstances in [...]

LGH Angiography2017-05-02T11:06:03+10:00

Aged Care Deloraine


ANMF has been visiting both sites at Deloraine in preparation for the Enterprise Agreement Negotiations. ANMF have sent the log of claims to the CEO and Human Resources Manager in [...]

Aged Care Deloraine2017-05-02T11:03:20+10:00

Bed Block in ED at the RHH


ANMF met with members from the Emergency Department at the Royal Hobart Hospital in regards to concerns that there is increasing bed block amongst patients awaiting a bed on the [...]

Bed Block in ED at the RHH2017-04-28T10:28:48+10:00

Public Health Forum


ANMF attended the Public Health Forum held by the Patient’s Support Group in Hobart on April 19. This Public Health Forum was initiated to outline the current issues that are [...]

Public Health Forum2017-04-27T10:18:22+10:00

Safe staffing levels on 2D Cardiology at the RHH 


ANMF continue to visit members on 2D regarding safe staffing levels. Members have reported that the situation has improved. ANMF will continue to monitor the situation.

Safe staffing levels on 2D Cardiology at the RHH 

Tasmanian Health Crisis petition


Tasmania’s public health system is in crisis. Staff at the frontline continue to do an outstanding job at maintaining patient care but they are chronically under-resourced. We encourage you to [...]

Tasmanian Health Crisis petition2017-04-27T10:09:01+10:00

EA Updates – South


Below is a list of EA updates in the South as authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary) Tuesday 4th April 2017. 20170404-EA-Update-South.pdf

EA Updates – South2017-04-04T14:08:12+10:00

EA Updates – North


Below is a list of EA updates in the North as authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary) Tuesday 4th April 2017. 20170404-EA-Update-North.pdf

EA Updates – North2017-04-04T14:05:48+10:00

EA Updates – North West


Below is a list of EA updates in the North West as authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary) Tuesday 4th April 2017. 20170404-EA-Update-North-West.pdf

EA Updates – North West2017-04-04T14:03:23+10:00

RHH Theatres – potential change proposal


ANMF met with members from Theatres in regards to a change proposal that the ADON of Theatres has put forward. The ADON has asked for consultation from her staff prior [...]

RHH Theatres – potential change proposal2017-04-04T13:00:46+10:00

Safe staffing levels on 2D Cardiology at the RHH


ANMF attended a members meeting last week in response to concerns from members that additional beds have been opened on 2D without adequate staffing. A meeting with management, ANMF and [...]

Safe staffing levels on 2D Cardiology at the RHH2017-04-04T12:58:42+10:00

Calvary Health Care Lenah Valley – Operating Theatres


ANMF met with members who expressed their extreme frustration and exhaustion from the excessive use of overtime and the repeated use of on-call for elective surgery lists. Formal correspondence has [...]

Calvary Health Care Lenah Valley – Operating Theatres2017-04-04T12:12:33+10:00

Wilfred Lopes Centre


At a joint union membership meeting held on 28 March it was reported that the current staffing is frequently unsafe and the use of double shifts and overtime is unsustainable. [...]

Wilfred Lopes Centre2017-04-04T12:10:50+10:00

New Norfolk District Hospital (NNDH) Ballot


All nursing staff working at NNDH staff are reminded to complete the ballot paper to nominate their preferred option for the proposed change to the night duty shift to ensure [...]

New Norfolk District Hospital (NNDH) Ballot2017-04-04T12:06:31+10:00

EA Agreements in Aged Care


It has been a busy time at ANMF with negotiations of Enterprise Agreements in full swing. At the time of print, the following EA’s are currently being progressed: Corumbene Two [...]

EA Agreements in Aged Care2017-04-04T12:03:56+10:00

Statewide issues continue in Aged Care


ANMF Organisers are dealing with workload challenges, roster vacancies and increasing demands on care workers and nurses due to the high acuity of residential care. Nursing homes are admitting residents [...]

Statewide issues continue in Aged Care2017-04-04T12:00:25+10:00

OneCare Rubicon Grove and Umina Park


Meetings have been held at both OneCare sites in the North West to seek endorsement of the nurses enterprise agreement log of claims. Members at both sites endorsed the log [...]

OneCare Rubicon Grove and Umina Park2017-04-04T11:55:28+10:00

Aged Care Deloraine


Meetings have been held at Deloraine Grenoch Home for the Aged and Kanangra Hostel to present the Log of Claims for the All Staff Enterprise Agreement. Members at both sites [...]

Aged Care Deloraine2017-04-04T11:53:58+10:00

Mersey Community Hospital Medical Ward


ANMF and workplace representatives have now met with management as part of the specialist panel put together to address the Step 2 NHpPD Grievance. ANMF will again meet with members [...]

Mersey Community Hospital Medical Ward2017-04-04T11:52:30+10:00

Aged Care Visits across the North


In addition to members meetings at our aged care sites across the north the ANMF ember Engagement Officer has also visited the following sites to share morning tea with members, [...]

Aged Care Visits across the North2017-04-04T11:50:23+10:00

Medea Park


ANMF visited members at Medea Park on 20th March 2017 to discuss progress regarding their current enterprise agreement negotiations.

Medea Park2017-04-04T11:49:04+10:00

OneCare The Manor


ANMF attended a meeting with our members from The Manor on 28th March 2017 to discuss their draft Log Of Claims in preparation for the upcoming enterprise agreement negotiations.

OneCare The Manor2017-04-04T11:48:29+10:00

Masonic Homes Fred French


ANMF attended a meeting with members at the Masonic Fred French site to discuss the draft log of claims in preparation for upcoming enterprise agreement negotiations. ANMF will be attending the [...]

Masonic Homes Fred French2017-04-04T12:34:58+10:00

North East Coast


The ANMF travelled down the North East Coast on 20th March, the officials enjoyed talking to members about their professional and industrial concerns, updating notice boards and providing members with [...]

North East Coast2017-04-04T11:41:32+10:00

Launceston General Hospital Emergency Department


The ANMF held a members meeting at the LGH Emergency Department on 31 March 2017 to consult with our members regarding the Associate Nurse Unit Manager role. We look forward to [...]

Launceston General Hospital Emergency Department2017-04-04T11:38:03+10:00

James Scott Wing


Members at the James Scott Wing have recently received their letters for an offer of employment with May Shaw. The ANMF will visit Scottsdale to assist members with any questions they [...]

James Scott Wing2017-04-04T11:36:04+10:00

Launceston General Hospital 4O 4B


ANMF are holding a members meeting at the LGH ward 4O and 4B on 31 March to discuss with members the outcomes of recent meetings held with THS management. These [...]

Launceston General Hospital 4O 4B2017-04-04T11:31:54+10:00

Calvary Endoscopy


Since meeting with members, ANMF have held a meeting with Calvary management and are now attempting to arrange a members meeting to discuss the outcomes and take further direction from [...]

Calvary Endoscopy2017-04-04T11:30:08+10:00


Newsflash 2D Cardiology Safe Staffing: 2D Cardiology at the RHH ANMF met with members on 2D cardiology on Thursday 30 March 2017. In response to concerns raised, ANMF has written [...]


EA Updates – North West


Below is a list of EA updates in the North West as authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary) Monday 20 March 2017. 20170316 EA Update North West

EA Updates – North West2017-03-20T13:20:35+11:00

EA Updates – North


Below is a list of EA updates in the North as authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary) Monday 20 March 2017. 20170316 EA Update North

EA Updates – North2017-03-20T13:19:22+11:00

EA Updates – South


Below is a list of EA updates in the South as authorised by Emily Shepherd (Acting Branch Secretary) Monday 20 March 2017. 20170316 EA Update South

EA Updates – South2017-03-20T13:18:23+11:00
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