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Update: Ongoing matters

17 October 2018

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) have met with members for a third time for CCU/HDU and also had the opportunity at the latest meeting on 12 October to meet with surgical nurses as well. This latest meeting was to provide feedback from a meeting ANMF had with Hobart Private Hospital (HPH) Acting Director of Nursing (DON) John Amery.

Matters that continue to be raised include; overtime, workloads and workplace culture. ANMF have asked nurses at HPH to utilise the means that are available for reporting incidents (Risk Management) and if they are ask to explain why to a manager to ensure that they contact the ANMF and have a representative with them.

The ANMF have asked members to provide some writing to ANMF Organiser Jenna Bowling highlighting their largest concerns and what they (the member) would like as an outcome to taking industrial action. At this time members are feeling that they may have no option but to take industrial action to achieve an outcome.

A meeting will be scheduled in two weeks time with members from CCU/HDU, Surgical and Medical to provide feedback on these individual reports and create a plan for moving forward. In the meantime, ANMF will seek further input from HPH management.