Grants and Scholarships

ANMF Educational Grants ANMF offers up to 5 educational grants each year to eligible members  worth up to $200 each. Grants are to be used to assist members with professional development.

ANMF shall advertise twice a year through Infusion for Expressions of Interest for five educational grants of up to $200.00 each.

The Branch will provide financial donations to members/nursing organisations based on the following criteria:

  • Have two years of financial membership with the ANMF
  • Not have received an ANMF grant in the previous three years
  • ANMF Educational Grants are available to members to attend education related courses within the ANMF (Tas) Health Education and Research Centre only
  • Donations may be made for ANMF (Tas) Health Education and Research Centre seminars relevant to nursing, patient care or ANMF organisationally but excludes formal academic studies
  • The donation shall be up to $200.00 and applicable receipts must be presented to ANMF for reimbursement
  • It is an expectation that the employer supports professional development and applicants must show that they have considered all other relevant avenues for funding.

All requests require completion of a pro-forma application in writing, addressed to the Branch Secretary, who will refer the request to the ANMF Executive Committee. Executive shall consider the requests on merit and the following criteria, and award successful applications (which will be tabled at Branch Council). A written report shall be required and this may be printed in Infusion. Any request for donations from benevolent groups shall be considered by Branch Council and must be directly related to nursing. Branch Council will have the final decision on all applications according to the financial status of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

Please download this document for full details and a copy of the grant application form.