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Update: Compulsory Training

17 October 2018

ANMF have been contacted by members advising of compulsory training ‘Respect in the Workplace’ which has been organised by the employer.

Staff were advised that they must attend, and sessions had been booked and times allotted for each staff member. Members advised that they must attend during paid working hours.

As a result of this, members stated that some staff were working 11 hours to accommodate both working hours and the compulsory training. This would place Southern Cross Care (SCCT) in breach of 28.1 Shift Workers of the SOUTHERN CROSS CARE (TAS) INC AND MARY’S GRANGE INC. STAFF ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT 2017

10.5 Professional Development

All parties to this Agreement will actively encourage and facilitate professional development.

An employee who is required to undertake professional development activities shall receive their ordinary wage rate plus any applicable penalties as prescribed by the Shift Work Penalty clause of this Agreement. Provided that no penalties are payable for professional development activities that are not required by the employer.

28.1 Shift Workers

(a) Ordinary hours

(i) Subject to Clause 28.2, the ordinary hours of shift workers shall not exceed:

  • 8 in any one day (or 10 hours in accordance with Clause 28.3);
  • 48 in any one week;
  • 88 in 14 consecutive days;
  • 114 in 21 consecutive days; or
  • 152 in 28 consecutive days.

(b) Subject to the following conditions shift workers shall work at such times as the employer may require:

(i) a shift shall consist of not more than 8 hours unless agreement is reached pursuant to Clause 28.3

(ii) unless agreed between the parties an employee shall not be required to start a shift unless there is a break of at least 9 hours from her/his previous shift;

(c) Provided that agreement may be reached between the parties to allow for special circumstances.

28.3 Ten Hour Shifts

(a) An employee may agree to extend their daily maximum ordinary hours to 10 hours.

SCCT management were contacted and undertook to address this issue immediately. ANMF advise members to check their rostered shifts and allotted training times for any discrepancies, and to contact the employer to resolve.

Please contact Member Support by phoning 6223 6777 or email membersupport@anmftas.org.au if this continues to be a concern, or any other issues arise.