Change Proposal Glenmorgan Spring Bay Community Nursing

Update: Reply to ANMF response

9 January 2019

ANMF received a reply to our response to this change proposal. ANMF were advised of the following:

The change proposal is in response to increasing complexity and demand for community-based nursing care within the catchment area for the Glamorgan Spring Bay service. The retirement of the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) presented a unique opportunity for this team to review and identify their leadership skill mix and requirements and to implement and access resources that will support the team to continue to provide skilled and responsive community nursing services within the Glamorgan Spring Bay community.

Given the positive feedback from the staff to the current interim management arrangements and agreement from the staff to the above Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for the Assistant Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM) and Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC), our intention is to progress the change proposal and establish the positions as outlined above as soon as possible.