19 February 2019


Calvary North
ANMF meet with members from St Vincent and St Luke’s campuses last week on 12 and 13 February. ANMF took feedback from members in regard to items for the Log of Claims for the up and coming enterprise agreement (EA) negotiations. Local workload matters were also discussed. The ANMF will be drafting a workload form for members to record details of workloads on a shift by shift bases. These forms will be collated by the ANMF to help determine workload drivers and form evidence to support the EA process and resolution of workloads via the current workload management consultative committee meeting. Forms will be emailed out to members shortly.

District Hospital Working Group (DHWG)
ANMF attended the DHWG meeting on Tuesday 12 February. THS management have resolved several concerns raised by ANMF on behalf of members in relation to the current proposed model. This includes the HCA model having an activation point at 13 beds, tier one facilities being able to use a graduate RN on the EN line as the 3rd nurse in the proposed 3:3:2 model.  The working group will now focus on the development of a business rule to help support the model. The ANMF have requested that an action list of business rules is tabled at the next meeting to be scheduled in 1-months time. The ANMF will review this action list and consult with members to be certain that all items of clarification are covered in the business rules.

Eskleigh Nurses EA
The ANMF met with members at Eskleigh to discuss managements offer for a new Eskleigh Nurses Agreement. Members have given in principle support for the offer which includes rolling over conditions from the existing agreement, a 3% wage increase over 3 years, 5 days domestic and family violence leave, and 3 day paid union training leave. ANMF understands that Eskleigh will now update the draft agreement and provide a final copy for review prior to the agreement going out to ballot for staff. ANMF will communicate ballot details with members via email when dates are set.

Uniting Age Well Aldersgate Village
The ANMF will be meeting with members at Uniting Age Well Aldersgate Village on Tuesday 19 February. Members will be updated on the progress of the EA and details regarding minimum payment for mandatory training. ANMF Organisers will also be available to discuss other industrial and professional matters on the day.


North West:

OneCare Umina Park
Following a member meeting on 24 January, issues have been relayed to the Facility Manager for consideration. The issues have been referred to HR for follow up. David Garden, Senior Human Resources Officer has responded to the issues. Mr Garden has requested more information to allow a thorough and transparent investigation.  Mr Garden has advised that members are able to provide information confidentially and that it is possible not to use your name when you provide a written statement. If you need advice on this matter, please contact the ANMF Member Support Team.

Baptcare Enterprise Agreement
A member meeting was held on 5 February to consider the employer’s latest offer. Members noted the improvement in the wage increase and the maintenance of the status quo in relation to ‘stat decs’. However, members remain concerned about the proposed change to the uniform clause.