15 May 2019

On Wednesday 8 May ANMF received correspondence from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aged Care Deloraine regarding the reissuing of contracts.You can read the full newsflash sent to members here. ANMF notes that the CEO has responded with an internal memo implying that the ANMF is suggesting the CEO is ripping workers off. The ANMF have made no such suggestion regarding the CEO. As you can see from the newsflash, ANMF welcomed the news that casual staff will be given consideration for conversion to permanent part time employment.  We also welcome the assurance that staff conditions will not be reduced. To go with this, we have provided advice to members to only sign new contracts if the contract includes conditions of employment equal to or better than your current conditions. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our Member Support Team, you can find their details here