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9 May 2019

Media Doorstop today to discuss the future of health in Tasmania


When:  TODAY, Thursday 9th May
Where: Royal Hobart Hospital, Argyle Street entrance
Time:    12:30pm
Who:    ANMF officials and member representatives

This Friday 10th May, nurses and midwives will be stopping work and collectively gathering on Hobart’s Parliament Lawns in a bid to show the Tasmanian Government that they are concerned about the future of the nursing profession in the state.

Nurses and midwives have been locked in dispute with the Tasmanian Government over pay and conditions for more than 12 months. During this time Tasmanian nurses have fallen below all other Australian states and territories to become the lowest paid in the country.

Members of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Tasmanian Branch (ANMF) remain adamant that without an improved wages and conditions package that rivals that of other states, the future of the health system in Tasmania will be put at risk.

“ANMF members are already doing unprecedented amounts of overtime and doubles shifts because nurses and midwives are not available to cover rosters and unplanned leave. With Tasmania falling so far behind other states in wages and conditions, it is inevitable that we will not be able to attract nurses and midwives to the state now and in the future. Nor will we be able to retain our nurses to the public health system,” said ANMF Executive Director Andrew Brakey.

ANMF members from Theatre at the Royal Hobart Hospital have been refusing to do paper work that allows the Tasmanian Government to claim rebates on prosthetics used in the theatres. This is costing the Government an estimated $150,000 a week.

“The actions taken by Theatre prove the importance of nurses in not only to delivering timely care to the Tasmanian public but also in ensuring the system runs smoothly and efficiently,” said Mr Brakey.

“Nursing is a national market and without a comparative package of wages and conditions for workers we will see an exodus of these valuable staff from the state and an inability to attract them here.”

ANMF will be holding a doorstop today to discuss the upcoming action.  ANMF officials and member representatives will be available to make comment during this time.


Media contact:
Andrew Brakey, Executive Director
Mobile: 0427 385 501
Email: andrew.brakey@anmftas.org.au

Download PDF here