Updates: Calvary

26 June 2019

A workload meeting was scheduled by Calvary on Monday 15 June 2019, at Calvary Saint Johns. The ANMF attended the meeting but unfortunately, a quorum was not met as not enough registered nurses were in attendance. The meeting was therefore cancelled. The ANMF encourages members to keep an eye out for these meeting notifications via email as they come up. If you have concerns about workloads, please contact the ANMF in advance of the meeting to discuss them or come along on the day. These meetings are an important part of providing feedback to be used in any enterprise agreement (EA) discussion about workloads and ratios.

Calvary 2A Surgical
ANMF Organiser’s met with the 2A Surgical Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) and representatives independently on Tuesday 17 June. The ANMF will provide feedback to all members via email.

Calvary Enterprise Agreement (EA)
The ANMF understand Calvary will be in a position to commence bargaining their enterprise agreement (EA) in coming weeks.