Australian Red Cross Blood Service
The ANMF has surveyed members and is drafting a log of claims for member endorsement.

Bolton Clark
The employer intends to stop negotiating with the ANMF and put its proposed agreement out to ballot.  The ANMF has written to the employer asking for more bargaining meetings to be scheduled.

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
The ANMF has sent the endorsed log of claims to the employer.

Diagnostic Services
The employer has applied to the Fair Work Commission for approval of the agreement.

Masonic Care Tasmania
The employer has agreed to increase wages by 3% in July 2019 and to start a new compressed bargaining process for 4 rollover agreements.

May Shaw
The employer has increased its wage offer for nursing staff at Swansea to 77 cents per hour or 2.5%, whichever is greater.  The employer is disputing the ANMF’s underpayment claim for Scottsdale non-transferring nursing staff.

OneCare Care Staff
The Fair Work Commission is considering whether or not to approve the agreement.

Regional Imaging
The ANMF has sent the endorsed log of claims to the employer.

The ANMF is surveying members before preparing a draft log of claims for a new bargaining process.

Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre
The ANMF is providing proposed clauses for the employer to consider.

Uniting AgeWell
The ballot opens on at 9 am on Friday 14 June 2019 and will close at 4 pm on Thursday 20 June 2019.

Authorised by Andrew Brakey (ANMF Tasmanian Branch Executive Director)
12 June 2019