Today, two of our HERC Nurse Educators Tamara and Rebecca had the opportunity to attend the Hobart College Career Expo. They were invited to discuss with students what options are available for those considering a career in the health sector as either a nurse, midwife or care worker. They spoke with eager college students about the path to take to gain qualifications and the options that HERC provide as a registered training organisation. 

The highlight though was certainly the CPR mannequins. Tamara and Rebecca guided students on how to use the medical equipment in the hopes that this would inspire them to think more about a future in nursing. Our Educators had a great time at the expo. The CPR mannequin underwent CPR for 2 hours straight! Gentle advice and feedback was provided to those who participated on their technique. However, the take away message was that any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt at all.