Updates: Hobart Clinic

12 June 2019

The ANMF met with members at the Hobart Clinic on 6 June 2019 to discuss their enterprise agreement (EA). Hobart Clinic members rejected the Employer offer. ANMF members expressed a desire to place nurses onto their own EA. The ANMF can advise that this has been put forward in our log of claims (LOC). The request was also included in past EA campaigns at Hobart Clinic. This move has been resisted by the employer. The ANMF will continue to attempt to progress this issue.

The ANMF also provided wages comparisons to members at the meeting where it was shown that Hobart Clinic nurses are among the lowest paid in the sector and will continue to be if they accept an 2% offer. ANMF members were unanimous in their opposition to the current EA offer. The ANMF will continue to bargain in good faith. At the time of writing we are awaiting news from Hobart Clinic regarding the next negotiation meeting.