Updates: Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH)

24 July 2019

Paediatrics Services – Royal Hobart Hospital
The ANMF held a member meeting in Paediatric Services Ward 3A in the RHH on 17 July 2019. This meeting was strongly attended and produced several points for action and consideration. The ANMF wish to thank all members who attended and a follow up meeting will be scheduled in the near future to discuss the outcomes of the issues raised.

Ward 5A – Surgical Specialties/Orthopaedics
The ANMF held a member meeting in Surgical Specialties/Orthopaedics ward 5A in the Royal Hobart Hospital on 19 July 2019. This meeting was strongly attended, and several pertinent issues were raised with regards to workloads and staffing. The ANMF look forward to working closely with members and management in attempting to prioritise and rectify the issues identified.

Psychiatric Emergency Nurse (PEN)
The ANMF attended the PEN working group meeting on 9 July 2019. This meeting was to discuss the ongoing progress in development of a model of care for the PENs, and to ensure a manageable workload for staff. In these initial stages of planning, data being complied and a reference group being established. The ANMF will continue to update members on progressions as they develop.

The ANMF also requested an urgent meeting with Mental Health Service Management on behalf of RHH PEN members following advice from our members reporting excessive workloads. During this meeting, members discussed interim safe staffing measures as a way to ensure that the safety of staff and patients was upheld. Please click here to read the latest ANMF newsflash for an update on this meeting.