A fond farewell from a familiar face

Written by past ANMF Organiser, Jen Brown
1st August 2019

Many of members in the south, particularly those working at the Royal Hobart Hospital, will likely be familiar with the face of Jen Brown. After completing her law degree in July 2018, Jen stepped into the role as team leader in the south of the state. Having only planned to fill the position for six months, Jen found herself fully immersed in the public sector nurses and midwives’ campaign.

“Reflecting on the past 12 months, it is evident that there has been heaps going on for ANMF members. The public sector campaign and industrial action comes to mind quickly, but in addition to this are the day-to-day activities, as well as managing a record number of workplace grievances due to the ailing health system. Promoting and prompting government action as part of the aged care campaign for ratios, plus the federal election, and multiple private sector campaigns show just how big a year it has been!” said Jen.

“I have definitely noticed that the difficulties in health are not confined to the public sector, or the acute care system. Rather, they are across the spectrum from private and aged care, community, mental health, drug and alcohol services, sexual health, preventative health, cancer services and even in nursing education. There are issues cropping-up that all stem from a system that is poorly integrated and under pressure. I can only speculate this is a result of several things combined.”

“However, putting the difficulties aside, what I have witnessed through my time with the ANMF, is a bunch of amazingly dedicated, caring, and strong-willed nurses making the most of the cards they are dealt. Our members are proud, strong, and deeply caring. So many of them go above and beyond every day to deliver a service that they can be proud of and comfortable with if they were the patient.”

“I can’t go without mentioning the ANMF team though. They are a supportive, enthusiastic, and dedicated group of individuals who share the same common goal to support the nursing, midwifery, and care worker membership, as well as the wider nursing profession and overall health of the community.”

We have no doubt that the ANMF and our members will miss the enthusiasm and dedication of Jen. We wish her all the best with her next adventure as she embarks on a PhD scholarship with the University of Tasmania School of Law. Jen will be studying bush fire management and bushfire resilience in Tasmania through the lens of public health law.

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