Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Updates

7 August 2019

5A – Orthopaedics/Surgical Specialties
On Friday 19 July, a member meeting was held on 5A at the RHH. The meeting, which was to discuss workload and staffing issues, generated strong discussion amongst members with several action items identified. Following this, the ANMF met with management to table these items. We will continue to progress the identified issues and be holding a report meeting in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for details via email.

9A – Inpatient Oncology
A member meeting was recently held on 9A at the RHH to discuss workload and staffing issues. The need for additional research and a formulated strategy moving forward was identified. The ANMF will seek a meeting with management to relay members’ concerns and commence work on addressing these matters. We will be holding another member meeting soon. Keep an eye out for details via email.

2A – General Surgical
The ANMF have received correspondence from members working in the general surgical unit of the RHH. These members are looking to address specific workload concerns relating to the capacity of staff to attend to clinical duties due to requirements to undertake non-nursing duties. The ANMF have held preliminary discussions with management and will seek to progress this as a matter of urgency.