22 August 2019

Ward 8A Outpatient Oncology
The ANMF conducted a member meeting on Ward 8A Outpatient Oncology on 8 August 2019,  to obtain feedback on the recent Change Proposal regarding this service. ANMF thank members for their input and co-operation. We will advise those working in the area when a letter of reply has been sent. The ANMF look forward to continuing to work with members to manage this process. We encourage any members who are concerned regarding this proposal to contact the ANMF Member Support Team.

Ward 9A Inpatient Oncology
The ANMF conducted a member meeting on Ward 9A Inpatient Oncology on Tuesday 30 August 2019. This meeting was to discuss matters relating to workloads and staffing. The ANMF have made preliminary enquiries with management regarding these issues and will to follow up with members shortly to advise on a course of action.

The ANMF conducted a member meeting in the Royal Hobart Hospital Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (NPICU) on Friday 16 August 2019. This meeting involved discussions relating to issues of workloads and professional development.

Ward 3A Paediatric Unit
The ANMF have received several items of correspondence from members working in the  Paediatrics Unit at the RHH. These pertain to issues of workload, skill mix, and the handling of adolescent mental health clients. The ANMF have conducted urgent meetings with senior management to discuss these issues. We will relay feedback to members via email when we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ANMF Member Support Team.

Royal Hobart Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Nurse (PEN)
The ANMF attend the PEN working party meeting on 13 August 2019 to discuss the workloads of our members working as PENs in the RHH Emergency Department. It was acknowledged that the workloads of the PENs have previously been excessive, and that work has commenced regarding the model of care for the PENs, this should see a more structured approached to the management of workloads moving forward. The ANMF will arrange a member meeting to discuss the ongoing requirement for this working party to meet, and will continue to advocate for our members following their direction, meeting flyers to follow.