Catch up on the latest news and updates from the ANMF. Here you will find information relating to the public sector in southern Tasmania.

Tas TAFE Clarence Campus

The ANMF recently visited members at the Tas TAFE Clarence campus to provide an update on workplace issues and deliver a well-deserved afternoon tea. The ANMF are pleased to see that there has been significant improvement at the campus, with a plan to address the marking backlog and other workload issues. A positive response to ANMF enquiries regarding resourcing has been seen from management throughout this process and we look forward to ongoing updates. Given that there are still one or two matters to be resolved, the ANMF encourage members to contact our Member Support Team with any ongoing concerns. We will also schedule a follow up visit soon. Please keep an eye out on your emails with more information regarding date and time.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

The ANMF attended a meeting with all members on Thursday 22 August 2019, where members endorsed their log of claims. The ANMF are keen to continue working with members to gather further support for the pending enterprise agreement negotiations. When a date is set the ANMF will schedule another visit. We continue to look forward to any further inputs from members and encourage you to get in touch with the ANMF Member Support Team via email if you have any thoughts or queries.

Midlands Multi-Purpose Centre, Oatlands

The ANMF visited members with a morning tea on 26 August to discuss several workplace issues, particularly issues relating to staffing and skills mix. A follow up meeting was held on 2 September where clarification and planning actions were discussed with members. The ANMF are committed to more frequent and ongoing visits with members at the Oatlands site which will allow us to follow up in relation to ongoing workplace issues.

Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Updates

Ward 3D

Following an outstandingly well attended member meeting within the NPICU on 16 August, the ANMF have held preliminary feedback discussions with management. These discussions have proved fruitful in clarifying several of the key issues voiced by members. The ANMF have additional meetings with key stakeholders scheduled in the next fortnight and will feedback the outcomes of these discussions to the broader NPICU membership soon after their completion.

K-Block Development – General Medical Services

The ANMF have been briefed on the progression of the plans for the General Medical Ward ‘K10’ in the upcoming K-Block. The most recent developments include the amalgamation of general medicine and acute planning unit within this space. The ANMF encourage members to refer to their respective Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs) for more information, however the ANMF will keep members informed via email and member meetings as the situation unfolds.

Ward 7A Medical Specialties

The ANMF conducted a member meeting in Ward 7A on Friday 23 August 2019 to relay recent outcomes in the enterprise bargaining process as well as discuss general issues relevant to regular operations in medical specialties. ANMF wish to thank all members who attended this meeting for their input and we will endeavour to return to the ward in the near future.

Updates are correct as of 3 September 2019.