Catch up on the latest news and updates from the ANMF. Here you will find information relating to the public sector in southern Tasmania.

Acute Rehabilitation Unit – Repatriation Centre

The ANMF are continuing discussions with management regarding ongoing security issues at the Repat Centre. These concerns are largely centred on afterhours access and the need for first responders (security personnel and/or orderly services) to Code Black scenarios to be able to access the building. Whilst some progress has been and a business case in support of these staffing additions has been submitted, underlying concerns such as the use of multiple, mutually exclusive security systems for each unit within the Peacock Building remain. The ANMF encourage members working at the Repat who may have information on these matters to please contact our Member Support Team  on (03) 6223 6777 or email membersupport@anmftas.org.au, our Southern Organiser will then be in touch to discuss the matters further.

Diabetes Education Unit

The ANMF conducted a member meeting at the Diabetes Educators Unit on 3 September. During this meeting discussion around workload and industrial issues were raised. This meeting was very productive and as a result a staff meeting with upper management is to be scheduled for early next month. The ANMF will continue to liaise with members prior to and immediately following, this meeting and will seek to devise a strategy to address the key concerns identified.

Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Updates

Department of Emergency (DEM)

The ANMF have been negotiating on behalf of 12-hour shift workers within the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Department of Emergency (DEM) with regards to the change proposal governing the proposed change in night shift times. A meeting was held with ANMF, representatives of the Tasmanian Health Service, human resources and management. The ANMF have since had a member meeting to relay the outcome of that discussion.  The terms of the change have in principle agreement of both parties and it is hoped that this process will soon be finalised.

Department of Psychiatry (DoP)

The ANMF continue to provide a daily presence within DoP following on from some acute concerns regarding aggressive patients and staff safety. The ANMF are in dialogue with State wide Mental Health Services (SMHS) management over these matters and hope to contribute to resolving some of the key issues in a timely manner. The ANMF will return to members once we are provided with something tangible to report however if you require assistance in the meantime, please contact our Member Support Team on (03) 6223 6777 or email membersupport@anmftas.org.au.

Casual Staff Shift Changes

The ANMF have been working with members affected by the alterations to shift times for casual relief, to collate their feedback on both personal experiences, as well as observations of impacts the change has had on clinical care and patient safety. Any feedback on the changes is welcomed, please contact our Member Support Team on (03) 6223 6777 or email membersupport@anmftas.org.auand our Southern Organiser will be in touch to discuss the matter.

Updates are correct as of 18 September 2019.