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Nurses, Midwives and Midwifery Group Practice Agreements

Nurses, Midwives and Midwifery Group Practice Agreements

The ANMF realise that members are anxiously awaiting the registration of the Public Sector Nurses and Midwives Agreement and the Midwifery Group Practice Agreement so that they may receive their pay rise and back pay.  It is important that the Agreement (and award variations) are drafted carefully to ensure that all agreed entitlements appear in the industrial instruments.

Drafting is ongoing and it is hoped that the documents will be ready for registration with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) soon. Once the Agreements are registered, pay increases will apply from the next full pay period. The ANMF will seek confirmation of a date for calculation of back pay. We will communicate developments with members as they come to hand, thank you for your patience.

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