12-Hour Shift Arrangement

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Tasmanian Branch (ANMF) are pleased to be able to reassure members at the North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) that there has been an unfortunate misunderstanding in relation to the 12-hour shift proposal. We are advised, without reservation, that the intention is for the introduction of 12-hour shifts (only if members are willing to work that arrangement) during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no intention to implement these shifts post the COVID-19 response.

There are clear benefits in the 12-hour shift arrangement to support infection prevention and control as highlighted by the use of these shifts by AUSMAT and Defence Personnel.

We thank management for their quick response to member concerns and apologise for any distress this misinterpretation has caused. The ANMF wish to thank the NWRH Emergency Department Acting Manager for the swift clarification and the reassurance of the 12-hour shifts relating only to the COVID-19 response.

If you have further concerns about the interim 12-hour shift, the ANMF encourage you to raise your concerns with your Nurse Manager. The workplace flexibility agreement is merely to advise you of your entitlements that apply during this interim period. Once the COVID-19 pandemic has abated, further discussion can be held as to shift lengths going forward in the NWRH Emergency Department.

The ANMF note that members at the NWRH have so far faced the brunt of the pandemic and we acknowledge and appreciate everything that they are doing for their community in these difficult circumstances. We commend you all for your professional dedication to your community.  We will continue to support members during this difficult time.

Download a print ready PDF of this newsflash here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Member Support Team on (03) 6223 6777 or 1800 001 241 (if outside Hobart). Alternatively, email membersupport@anmftas.org.au. Due to COVID-19 the Team are now practicing social isolation and working from home, bearing this in mind, email is the preferred and fastest way of contacting them.

Updates correct as at 5 May 2020
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary