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Aged Care Statewide News

Southern Cross Care (SCC)

Marys Grange

The ANMF met with members on 6 August 2020, to discuss matters of concern including roster changes, staff movements, poor morale, and workloads. The meeting was very well attended. As directed by members, the ANMF have now written to Southern Cross Care management regarding the ongoing issues.

Guilford Young Grove

The ANMF conducted a meeting with members on 6 August 2020. Members discussed several issues and correspondence has been sent to Southern Cross Care management to communicate this. We encourage any members with workplace concerns to contact the ANMF.

Sandown Apartments

The ANMF visited Southern Cross Care Sandown Apartments on 30 July 2020, to discuss proposed roster changes with members. A staff meeting was being held that afternoon to allow staff feedback. Later that day Southern Cross Care management announced they were suspending their intention to change rosters, to instead focus on COVID-19 preparations. The ANMF have submitted correspondence on behalf of members to express our intention to represent members in the change consultation process. ANMF will be in contact with members via email shortly.

Rosary Gardens

The ANMF have directed several previously raised concerns from members to Southern Cross Care management in person, and by email over the past weeks. In the absence of any change, the ANMF have submitted correspondence to both local and senior management on behalf of members. We are expecting a reply shortly, pending this response we will be scheduling meetings with members to take further direction.

Glenara Lakes and Low Head

Last week, the ANMF again wrote to the CEO of Southern Cross Care regrading, roster changes, sick leave not being replaced, a lack of after hours concierge cover for COVID-19 screening of visitors, and general lack of safe staffing levels. At the time of this update, we are yet to receive a response from the employer. Following the receival of correspondent, we will be sending further communication to members via email.

Updates correct as at 20 August 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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