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Public Sector Updates – South

Royal Hobart Hospital

RHH – Ward 2D – Cardiology

The ANMF have received correspondence from THS Management dated 28 August 2020 reply to our  email (13 August) encapsulating the ongoing points of concern as raised by members at the 12 August 2020 member meeting. This information has been relayed to members via ANMF Newsflash (7 September 2020) and a follow up member meeting is scheduled for 24 September 2020 at 1400hrs.

RHH – Main Theatres

The ANMF have received several written submissions from members working in Royal Hobart Hospital Main Theatres regarding ongoing workload, staffing, and cultural issues. Whilst several of these points are long-standing and specific to Theatres, there are also issues stemming from the ongoing action of Theatre Orderlies who, in conjunction with their union, are employing work-to-rule industrial action in an attempt to address their own short-staffing and excessive workloads. ANMF undertook discussions with Perioperative Services Management and HR on Friday 11 September 2020 to canvass the scope and depth of concerns raised, with several interim measures identified which may serve to ease immediate burdens as well as expedite more long-term solutions. ANMF have requested a date and time from Management for a member meeting to be held to relay these outcomes to members in person. Once a meeting date/time is arranged the ANMF will advise members.

RHH – Emergency Department

The ANMF are aware of ongoing clinical issues concerning transfers of patients from the COVID-19 Respiratory ED to/from the EMU and will meet with ED Management on Monday 14 September 2020 in an attempt to negotiate an acceptable outcome for members. Outcomes from these discussions will be relayed to members via Newsflash.

RHH – Department of Psychiatry

The ANMF wrote to State-wide Mental Health Services (SMHS) Friday 11 September 2020 regarding the discontinuation of live feeds from HDU bedroom security cameras, requesting that this be immediately re-instated, and a Change Proposal process entered into. Once received, SMHS’ response will be relayed to members via Newsflash.

RHH Ward 9A

The ANMF will be attending a meeting with Tasmanian Health Service Management on Tuesday 15 September 2020 to discuss Nursing Hours per Patient Day Benchmarking as a result of the ongoing Step One Grievance procedure. A member meeting will be convened as soon as practicable after this date to relay to members any outcomes obtained and/or seek direction on any potential additional courses of action.

Updates correct as at 17 September 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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