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Statewide Updates – Aged Care

Southern Cross Care

Federal Government Retention Bonus

After a long period of waiting, staff at Southern Cross Care Tasmania have been paid their Federal Government Retention Bonus. This comes many weeks after other facilities. The ANMF are hoping the September bonus, already overdue from Federal Government, will be released to staff in a timely manner.

Marys Grange

ANMF officials met with members at Marys Grange on 16 September. A new Facility Manager and Care Consultant are starting soon. The ANMF look forward to seeing these important roles filled. Once they are onboard, the ANMF will schedule a meeting with members to discuss actions moving forward.

Guilford Young Grove

A new Facility Manager is due to start soon at Guilford Young Grove. Once they have commenced in the role, the ANMF will schedule a follow up meeting with members to discuss workplace matters.

Sandown Apartments

The ANMF have sent further correspondence to Southern Cross Care Tasmania on behalf of members working at Sandown Apartments. Members have requested the reinstatement of ten care hours per day. These hours were  removed by Southern Cross Care Tasmania during the COVID-19 lockdown period as a response to falling occupancies. However, occupancies and acuity at Sandown Apartments is now back to pre-pandemic levels, and the care hours should be reinstated. The ANMF will schedule another meeting with members once we have a response back from management.

Rosary Gardens

A meeting has been scheduled with ANMF officials, Workplace Representatives, members and Rosary Gardens managers on 7 October, to discuss outstanding workplace issues. Following this, a meeting with members will be scheduled to update and consult members on the matters.

Fairway Rise

The ANMF will meet with members on 8 October, to consult about the Data Transfer issue from Autumn Care to Icare. Please check your emails for details to attend. If you did not receive this email, please update your details with us here.

Updates correct as at 1 October 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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