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EA Updates

Calvary Health Care Tasmania
Following a survey showing a very strong intent by members to vote no at the forthcoming ballot, the ANMF are still awaiting a response and ballot date from Calvary. We will notify members and schedule meetings as soon as we hear from them.

One Care
The ANMF met with members across the state to discuss the One Care Enterprise Agreement offer. Members have lodged a counteroffer that includes back pay and the activation of the Preceptor Allowance as well as public holiday pay parity with Extended Care Assistants (ECA’s) and domestic staff. The next Bargaining meeting is scheduled for 16 December 2020.

The Enterprise Agreement has been lodged in the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Southern Cross Care
At the second Enterprise Agreement Bargaining meeting on 25 November, Southern Cross Care Tasmania declared their intention to create two separate Agreements, one for nurses and one for non-nurses. Southern Cross Care Tasmania has provided the new draft Agreements to unions prior to the next meeting on 17 December 2020. We are yet to receive any offer to take to members.

The ANMF met with members on 9 December to discuss an improved Enterprise Agreement offer.

We have seen growing support for industrial action during meetings with members. Following consultation with members the ANMF are in the process of submitting proposed actions to Fair Work Commission with the intent of holding a ballot to determine what protected action may be taken. Keep an eye out for the ballot via email.

Hobart Day Surgery
The Enterprise Agreement has been lodged in the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Hobart District Nursing Service
The new Enterprise Agreement covering the service has been approved by the Fair Work Commission. The ANMF would like to thank Workplace Representatives who assisted during the negotiation period and spoke on behalf of their colleagues.

South Eastern Community Care
The ANMF are awaiting a response from South Eastern Community Care. A meeting with members was held on 2 December. Ongoing issues including workloads have become difficult for members and a meeting was scheduled with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Helen Pollard for 7 December.

Queen Victoria Care
The ANMF visited Queen Victoria Care on 1 December to discuss the latest Enterprise Agreement proposal. Members decided to delay the process until after the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Staffing release their final report in February 2021. Members have indicated that they would like bargaining to commence following this with backpay once an offer is made.

Eskleigh Nurses
The Enterprise Agreement has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

Medea Park
The ANMF has made multiple inquiries to Medea Park Residential Care’s bargaining representative, regarding the facility’s position on honouring the agreed 2.5% wage increase effective from 30 June in the proposed Enterprise Agreement. To date the bargaining representative has not responded to these inquiries. The ANMF met with members at Medea Park on 3 December to relay this change. Further updates are to follow when Medea Park replies to ANMF correspondence.

A draft Enterprise Agreement has been provided by the advisors who are assisting Toosey in this matter.  That draft is currently under review but is the Agreement reached last year incorporating the undertakings required by the Fairwork Commission.  A meeting with members is scheduled for next week.

ANMF union officials met with members on 26 November to discuss professional and industrial issues along with progress of the Enterprise Agreement. You can read the latest update here. It appears that the document is ready to go to ballot, however given the upcoming holiday period, this might not occur until January 2021.


Updates correct as at 10 December 2020.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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