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Health Recruitment Taskforce

Health Recruitment Taskforce

The ANMF raised the challenges that vacancies are causing on our members across the state in the public sector and the impact that this is also having on fatigue, burn out, double shifts, sick leave and the need to focus on retention strategies as well as recruitment. This proposal was accepted by the Taskforce.

The ANMF raised a number of strategies to assist with recruitment and retention of nursing and midwifery staff including: Employing all graduate nurses in Tasmania with;

  • Additional Clinical Nurse Educators and Clinical Facilitators
  • Improving base salary rates in Tasmania to be competitive with other State and Territories
  • Ensuring the existing workload models are fully implemented and resourced to ensure current safe staffing to reduce overtime, double shifts and in turn sick leave
  • Provide adequate accommodation to nurses and midwives who are relocating to Tasmanian as transitional accommodation till permanent accommodation (rental or purchased) is sourced
  • Provide accommodation in remote areas like Queenstown to nurses and midwives working at these sites where required to encourage employment
  • Provide incentives to any nurse and midwife who provides advanced notice of their resignation (over the minimum 2 weeks)

There were also presentations of key preliminary priorities out of the Health Workforce 2040 consultation as well as improvements that have been made to the recruitment and page up process.

The Health Recruitment Taskforce will meet again in a month to begin working on a prioritisation process of key recruitment and retention process as well as the key solutions required.

Updates correct as at 24 June 2021.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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