Aged Care Updates – Statewide

Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT)

Changes to leadership at SCCT

Rosary Gardens and Guilford Young Grove still have no Facility Managers. This has proven costly for SCCT as both of these sites have had COVID-19 outbreaks which started over successive weekends and management were not there to provide support and leadership. This meant the Covid-19 Plan was not implemented properly and it has had a profound impact on Rosary Gardens especially, with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) coming in to help with care and management. Guilford Young Grove had Aspen Medical helping but staff there have been overwhelmed with workloads and several double shifts have been worked.

These matters have led to the ANMF sending a complaint on behalf of members to SCCT, to the SCCT Board, WorkSafe Tasmania, Health Complaints Commissioner and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. The ANMF still encourages members to feedback issues related to absence or instability of leadership in SCCT sites, especially in Human Resources matters, and members are encouraged to look after themselves and their colleagues in these unreasonable situations. Use internal SCCT reporting systems, if you can, to highlight the impact on your workload and morale.

SCCT – Changes to Servery and Catering

The ANMF has been made aware these changes are affecting members, staff, and residents and we encourage members to continue to let us know how these changes are affecting your role. SCCT claim they have provided the means for staff to provide feedback via a Survey Monkey link. Let us know if this link is accessible, or if there are any other means to enable you to feedback your concerns.

Sandown Apartments

The ANMF encourages members to look out for updates from management about rostering and staffing issues. Management has successfully recruited more permanent staff, providing greater certainty, and promising more transparency for the roster.

Updates correct as at 14 April 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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