Private Sector Updates – Statewide

Calvary Lenah Valley and St John’s Hospitals

The Workload Consultative Committee (WCC) meeting was held on Wednesday 15 June 2022. The workload forms discussed were from 1st North Ortho, 1st East Medical, Critical Care Unit (CCU) and Neuro/CT.

Calvary has developed a Nursing Workload Response Flowchart to assist staff with situations arising on the shift relating to insufficient staffing, inappropriate skill mix/change in patient acuity, and inability to take meal breaks. This flowchart should be available for staff to access on each ward/unit.

The Preceptor Model is currently being revised by Calvary. It has been drafted and gone to Calvary Executive for review. The aim is to present this at the next WCC meeting.

The ANMF’s Log of Claims (LoC) for the Enterprise Agreement (EA) is being finalised and will be brought to members for endorsement shortly. At the last member meeting, members put forward some more points to include which have been referred back to the legal department. Members will be notified when the endorsement meetings are to occur.

Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital Maternity

The ANMF is still waiting to hear when the maternity meeting is being scheduled. This meeting is being held to discuss workload issues on maternity with the ANMF invited to attend.

If members have any issues with workloads or any other matter please contact our Member Support Team via email:

Updates correct as at 21 June 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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