Aged Care Updates – Statewide

Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT)

Changes to leadership at SCCT, Underpayments Issue, Lack of Clinical Leadership

The ANMF still encourages members to feedback issues related to absence or instability of leadership in SCCT sites, especially in Covid-19 management. Members are encouraged to look after themselves and their colleagues in these unreasonable situations. Use internal SCCT reporting systems, and escalate to next level management if you can, to highlight the impact on your workload and morale. Notify the ANMF if you are unable to get a response from your internal systems, and managers. Also, notify the ANMF if you are ordered to attend a one-to-one meeting so we can follow up and ensure procedural fairness and support.

Enterprise Agreement (EA)

The ANMF visited all SCCT sites prior to the EA vote last week. Members are generally satisfied with the offer. The result will be known soon, look out for an update from ANMF and a memo from SCCT.

Other Residential Aged Care Facilities & Private Sites including Enterprise Agreements (EAs)


The ANMF has sent out a survey for the EA Log of Claims. Look out for it and let us know your requests.

Mary Ogilvy

The ANMF is awaiting a date and time for the start of EA bargaining.

May Shaw

The next EA meeting is on Thursday 27 October 2022. Members will be notified of any new significant proposals and the ANMF will visit as soon as we have a full offer on the table.

Masonic Care Tasmania (MCT) Freemasons

The ANMF met with members on Wednesday 12 October 2022 and was able to give members some reassurance about the forthcoming takeover of MCT by Respect.

Uniting Age Well

The ANMF is awaiting a date and time for the commencement of EA negotiations.

South Eastern Community Care

EA meetings have started, and all parties are keen to conduct a timely bargaining this time. The ANMF is currently awaiting a wage offer from the employer.

One Care

The General Agreement has been lodged with Fair Work.


Look out for an update soon regarding Regis’ intent to put EA to a vote.

Updates correct as at 27 October 2022.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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