Annual Delegates Conference 29-30 June 2023

The Annual Delegates Conference took place on Thursday 29 & Friday 30 June 2023. Delegates were welcomed by James Lloyd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch President, before ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary, Emily Shepherd commenced the opening address. Emily outlined 2023 the ANMF Tasmanian Branch campaigns, and advocacy highlights and recognised the huge contribution Delegates have made to Union and healthcare wins. 

ANMF Federal Assistant Secretary Lori-Anne Sharp then presented the Federal Office Overview. Lori-Anne gave a comprehensive look at the issues and campaigns and critical outcomes from the Federal Budget that are significant to ANMF members nationally. She also provided Delegates with information on key priorities and activities of the ANMF over the next 12 months. Other sessions over the two-day conference included hearing from Julie Reeves (ANMF Strategic Lead, Aged Care) who gave a detailed overview of aged care reforms, ANMF campaigns and wins in aged care and the work still to come. ⁠Elise Whitmore (Senior Solicitor from the Women’s Legal Service) spoke on the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace, Elise encouraged questions from delegates, offering support and information for our members.⁠ 

A popular component of the conference was hearing from Workplace Representatives about their recent experiences over the past year. The Hon Ged Kearney then joined us via Zoom to speak on IR Reforms and what they mean for the workplace. Ged ended her session with a Q&A, with attendees and staff having the opportunity to address more specific questions. ⁠Jen Boocock (PhD candidate) presented her findings on the effect of climate change on health, and specifically how it directly impacts the hospital system in Tasmania.⁠ We also had a number of sponsors presenting at the conference, including Oliver Hunt (Medsalv founder) via Zoom from London with thought-provoking content regarding his company Medsalv and the inroads they are achieving to overcome the use of one-use materials in the healthcare sector.

The inaugural Andrew Brakey Awards were held on Thursday 29 June with awards presented to honour and celebrate the recipients. The dedication of our outstanding ANMF Workplace Representatives was also recognised through the 2023 Faye Hoppitt Workplace Rep of the Year. Congratulations to the following:

2023 winners of the Andrew Brakey Awards:⁠ 
• Megan Whish-Wilson (MCH Emergency Unit)
• Holly Barrett (Critical Care, Calvary Health)
• Ellen Burke (Department of Critical Care Medicine). 

The 2023 Faye Hoppitt Rep of the Year Award Winner: Irene McInerney (Barrington Lodge)
Runner-up: Julie Wicks (Southern Cross Care – GYG).⁠

The ANMF Tasmanian Branch look forward to hosting delegates at the next Delegates Conference and Andrew Brakey Awards Dinner. 

2023 Annual Delegates Conference attendees.

ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary, Emily Shepherd.

Conference attendees.

ANMF staff member, Claire Pond.

ANMF Tasmanian Branch President, James Lloyd.

ANMF Federal Assistant Secretary, Lori-Anne Sharp.

ANMF staff members, Jane Pond and Mandy Clark.

Carmen Ransley, HESTA State Relationship Manager (Major Sponsor).

Richard Coloretti, Edgewise Insurance Brokers.

Cassy O’Connor MP, Tasmanian Greens; Anita Dow MP, State Health Opposition; Julie Reeves, ANMF Strategic Lead (Aged Care).

Melanie Fleming, Nurses & Midwives Health (Sponsor).

ADC 2023 Resolutions.

Will Gordon, ANMF Delegate and Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmania Branch Secretary.

Stacey Ferguson and Kate Rymer, ANMF Delegates.

Andrew Brakey Dinner and Awards night at Vibe Hotel Hobart.

ANMF Faye Hoppitt Rep of the Year 2023 Award Winner, Irene McInerney from Barrington Lodge.

ANMF Faye Hoppitt Rep of the Year 2023 Runner Up, Julie Wicks from Guilford Young Grove.

2023 winners of the Andrew Brakey Awards:⁠
• Megan Whish-Wilson (MCH Emergency Unit)
• Holly Barrett (Critical Care, Calvary Health)
• Ellen Burke (Department of Critical Care Medicine). 

Guest speaker, Jen Boocock (PhD candidate).

Julie Reeves – ANMF Strategic Lead (Aged Care).

Foodbank Australia representative Carole Chilcott (Foodbank General Manager / Company Secretary) with ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary, Emily Shepherd.

Updates correct as at 29 June 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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