Aged Care Updates – Statewide


Southern Cross Care Tas. Inc

Following member concerns regarding the use of facial recognition within Southern Cross Care Tas. Inc (SCCT) facilities, the ANMF spoke to Acting Chief Executive Officer (Acting CEO) Jara Dean to clarify the use of this technology. The Acting CEO has assured the ANMF that the Zipline infrastructure used does not take photos but instead uses a series of encrypted dots to “recognise” faces of staff to streamline the sign-in/out process for payroll purposes only. The Acting CEO has given assurances to the ANMF that no data is stored and that they will write to employees to clarify the use of this technology in the workplace.


Southern Cross Care Tas. Inc Mount Esk

Frustration and concerns remain at an all-time high following what is seen as a rushed rollout of the Household Model of Care. Members report an increase in wounds, hospital admissions and medication incidents. A Newsflash with a link to a survey will be circulated this week. The ANMF seeks to learn how prevalent the concerns are, how residents’ health and well-being is impacted, and what steps, if any, are being taken to mitigate the risks. Members are encouraged to report these incidents openly and honestly to the ANMF via a confidential survey link contained within the upcoming Newsflash.

North West

Aged Care Visits

The ANMF has been visiting nursing homes across the North West Coast, with member meetings held at Melaleuca, Meercroft and Wynyard Care Centre.

The ANMF have scheduled member meetings for Umina Park and Rubicon Grove this month. If you would like to arrange an ANMF representative to visit your worksite, please contact North West Member Engagement Officer Kathy Jarvis via email at


Regis Aged Care Eastern Shore

The ANMF met with the Facility Manager to address member concerns regarding the Continuity of Carer Model. See the latest Newsflash here for details. On Wednesday 9 September 2020 ANMF Intensive Care Unit (ICU) members endorsed the proposed 2020 benchmarking for the ICU. The new benchmarking will increase 4.90 fillable Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs). This FTE will be rolled out in line with the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses Standards that will see one nurse per 4 patients in the ICU. The ANMF will now progress the business case for the increased FTE to ensure that it is approved by THS executive promptly. Further updates to follow.

Updates correct as at 15 November 2023.
Authorised by Emily Shepherd, ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary

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