The ANMF has hosted forums in Hobart, Ulverstone and Launceston to discuss the ANMF Election Manifesto: Building a Stronger Healthcare Future for Tasmania with candidates of the upcoming House of Assembly election. Panelists included Guy Barnett (Liberal), Rosalie Woodruff (Green), Anita Dow (Labor), Independent candidates and representatives attended from the Jacqui Lambie Network and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

Candidates have been given the opportunity to respond with a statement addressing the key priorities of the Manifesto. Please see the responses received below.

Click here to view the ANMF Election Manifesto
Authorised by ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary, Emily Shepherd, February 2024.

Responses received from the House of Assembly Candidates:

Dr Rosalie Woodruff (Tasmanian Greens’ Leader Member for Franklin)
Cecily Rosol (Tasmanian Greens’ Candidate for Bass)
Dr Darren Briggs (Tasmanian Greens’ Candidate for Braddon)
Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to give a statement responding to the ANMF Manifesto following on from the ANMF Health Forums held 5th to 7th March.

Anita Dow (Labor Member for Braddon)
Thank you for sharing your members election manifesto with me. The Labor party has been well informed of these priorities having heard them directly from your members over 10 long years of a Liberal government.

On behalf of the Labor party, I acknowledge your member’s courage and advocacy on shining a light on significant health issues on behalf of all Tasmanians. It is no secret that Labor is focused on health, housing and cost of living as our priorities in this election. I would also like to point to our team of candidates with expertise in the health sector – particularly Will Gordon – ANMF paediatric nurse running in Bass and Carole McQueeney former nurse running in Lyons.

Jeremy Rockliff MP (Liberal Member for Braddon, Premier of Tasmania)
Thank you for providing the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) Tasmania Branch’s (Tasmanian Branch) Election Manifesto 2024. I am pleased to respond on behalf of all Liberal Members and Candidates.

William Gordon (Labor for Bass)
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the ANMF Tasmanian Branch Election Manifesto. Although the Labor Party will enter an official response to the Manifesto, I would like to provide a personal statement regarding the situation of Tasmania’s health services.

Kristie Johnston (Independent for Clark)
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the ANMF Tasmanian Branch Election Manifesto. From the outset can I say that I believe that our frontline healthcare workers are best placed to understand and articulate where the pressure points are in our health system and best placed to put forward workable solutions. As such, I have no hesitation in supporting the ANMF manifesto as I am confident it will result in better supported and resourced health professionals, which will mean better health outcomes for Tasmania.

If I am re-elected, I look forward to working proactively with the ANMF to lobby the government for these important commitments.

Jack Davenport (Independent for Bass)
A core foundation of good healthcare is supporting and nurturing its practitioners. Nurses and midwives perform a vital function, one that has been compromised by a consistent disregard for humanistic priorities at the highest level of government in Tasmania, for both patient and medical practitioner. Workers have the right to expect adequate support, encouragement and protection from their employer. This right is safeguarded by trade union representation, which also demands active endorsement. I support the ANMF Election Manifesto in its entirety.

Chris Hannan (Jacqui Lambie Network for Franklin)
As a mum of 3 and 14 year old I am so appreciative of the incredible support I have received from Midwives, Nurses, Lactation, Practice and CHAPs Nurses over the past 13 years. Nursing care has been a vital support to myself personally as I recovered from Post Natal Depression and a difficult birth. Having worked alongside Nurses and Midwives as a Hospital Social Worker in ED, ICU, Paediatrics and Maternity I have a deep respect for expertise, care and the commitment of our nursing and midwifery staff – you are the cornerstone of our health system and we can’t operate without you.. I acknowledge Nurses and Midwives have been incredibly undervalued and unsupported over the past 10 years and many of you have told me you don’t know how much longer you stay in Tasmania when you are paid below market rate for your skills, there is constant short staffing and lack of resources. The major parties shouldn’t be taking advantage of your good will to keep the health service running.

You have my commitment I will advocate for:
– The government of the day to value you by paying you the market rate for your skills and retention payments competitive with those on offer on the mainland
– A dedicated wellbeing unit & peer support program
– HECS relief and scholarship support to attract more staff to the sector
– Additional clinical education roles
– Professional development support

You also have my commitment that if I am elected I will be an ally to Nursing and Midwifery staff and will consult with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that I have an understanding of your needs and can be an effective advocate. If you have any questions please contact me via

Thank you for your dedication and ongoing support to the people of Tasmania.

David O’Byrne (Independent for Franklin)
Thank you for your invitation to the ANMF Member Forum on March 7 and the attached ANMF election manifesto. Unfortunately due to a long-standing prior commitment on Bruny Island I am unable to attend the Forum. I would very much appreciate it if you could read the attached statement to Forum attendees and perhaps place it on your Website, and extend my apologies to the Forum.

Carole McQueeney (Labor for Lyons)
I am a nurse of some 25 years – working across almost all parts of the health system. Nurses, and the health of the profession, are critical to the health of Tasmanians. As a candidate in Lyons, I could not be more aware of the need for improvements to training, retention, professional support and many other things to help create and sustain a strong and supported nursing workforce, including rural and regional areas. I believe it’s critical that our parliament includes people who really understand healthcare when healthcare decisions are being considered. My professional life has been throughout the health system and I hope to have that opportunity.

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