Public Sector Nurses and Midwives Agreement 2019 – Update


The ANMF continue negotiations with the Tasmanian Government to ensure that everyone in the community has access to enough nurses and midwives to provide safe [...]

Public Sector Nurses and Midwives Agreement 2019 – Update2019-10-04T13:20:50+11:00

Statewide Visits from the ANMF


22 August 2019 Member Communication and Engagement Officer, Mandy Clark has been visiting facilities across the state over the past fortnight. Keep an eye out for Mandy in your workplace [...]

Statewide Visits from the ANMF2019-08-22T14:30:56+11:00

Royal Commission Update


22 August 2019 The Royal Commission  into Aged Care Quality and Safety is coming to Hobart! The Hobart hearing will be held from 11-15 November 2019. During this time, the [...]

Royal Commission Update2019-08-22T14:26:20+11:00

Aged Care Updates


22 August 2019 Eskleigh Homes The ANMF met with members at Eskleigh Homes on Thursday 8 August, to discuss concerns around the now added task for carers on the floor [...]

Aged Care Updates2019-08-22T14:24:31+11:00

The Eye Hospital Update


22 August 2019 The ANMF have received a response from the employer in regards to the ANMF Log of Claims (LOC). A report back meeting was held with members on [...]

The Eye Hospital Update2019-08-22T14:15:37+11:00

North West Rehabilitation Service Update


22 August 2019 The Joint Industrial Consultative Committee (JICC) last met on 8 August 2019. Members reported some teething problems. These are being addressed. Recruitment to nursing positions continues. The [...]

North West Rehabilitation Service Update2019-08-22T14:13:20+11:00

Tasmanian TAFE Clarence Campus Update


22 August 2019 The ANMF attended a member meetings at the Tasmanian TAFE Clarence Campus on 20 August 2019 to consult with members regarding their excessive and unsustainable workloads. While [...]

Tasmanian TAFE Clarence Campus Update2019-08-22T14:02:35+11:00

Aged Care Updates – 7 August 2019


Statewide Aged Care Updates 7 August 2019 Royal Commission Update The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety will be holding hearings in Brisbane in August. Here the [...]

Aged Care Updates – 7 August 20192019-08-07T15:30:26+11:00

Red Cross – 7 August 2019


Australian Red Cross Blood Service in the South 7 August 2019 The ANMF have conducted a member meeting to seek endorsement and consultation regarding the Log Of Claims [...]

Red Cross – 7 August 20192019-08-07T14:25:07+11:00

Hobart Clinic – 7 August 2019


Hobart Clinic 7 August 2019 The ANMF are currently in the process of negotiating the enterprise agreement at Hobart Clinic. We will continue to engage with members throughout [...]

Hobart Clinic – 7 August 20192019-08-07T14:24:18+11:00

TasTAFE – 7 August 2019


Tas TAFE 7 August 2019 The ANMF continue to advocate for members experiencing excessive workloads at the TasTAFE Clarence campus.  Many of these members are experiencing significant workplace stress [...]

TasTAFE – 7 August 20192019-08-07T15:27:18+11:00

Calvary Updates – 7 August 2019


Calvary Updates 7 August 2019 Enterprise Agreement ANMF Organisers and officials were disappointed to have not yet received a response from the employer to the Log of Claims [...]

Calvary Updates – 7 August 20192019-08-07T15:46:59+11:00

Relocation of NW Rehab – 7 August 2019


Relocation of the North West Rehabilitation Service 7 August 2019 The Joint Industrial Consultative Committee continues to meet fortnightly with the last meeting held on 25 July 2019. [...]

Relocation of NW Rehab – 7 August 20192019-08-07T14:17:01+11:00

RHH Update – 7 August 2019


Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Updates 7 August 2019 5A – Orthopaedics/Surgical Specialties On Friday 19 July, a member meeting was held on 5A at the RHH. The meeting, [...]

RHH Update – 7 August 20192019-08-07T13:55:43+11:00

A fond farewell from an ANMF Organiser


A fond farewell from a familiar face Written by past ANMF Organiser, Jen Brown 1st August 2019 Many of members in the south, particularly those working at the Royal Hobart [...]

A fond farewell from an ANMF Organiser2019-08-07T15:21:56+11:00

HERC Out and About


HERC out and about 1st August 2019 On Thursday 1 August, our Health Education and Research Centre (HERC) attended the Rosny College careers day. Here, staff spoke to a number of [...]

HERC Out and About2019-08-07T11:54:48+11:00

CHaPS Celebration


CHaPS Celebrations 25th July 2019 Child and Protective Health Services (CHaPS) held their midyear get together last week on Thursday 25th July. This event put on by the CHaPS team, [...]

CHaPS Celebration2019-08-07T11:51:03+11:00

Annual Delegates Conference 2019


The 2019 Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) has just wrapped up for another year. Held in Hobart over two days, Thursday 25 July and Friday 26 July, the event was a [...]

Annual Delegates Conference 20192019-08-27T14:21:09+11:00