What is a Rep?

Reps act as a support system for members, while also promoting policies and campaigns, spreading the word about activities and events, participating in enterprise agreement negotiations, encouraging others to join, and most importantly, referring members in need of advice or representation to the ANMF office for further action. Put simply, as an ANMF Rep you are a resource for current and potential members to access when they need. Don’t worry though, you are not alone in this, you will receive ongoing support and guidance along the way. You will develop a strong connection with the ANMF and be treated to some great benefits along the way.

Answer yes? Consider being a Rep!

What’s involved?

As this is a voluntary role you can chose to be involved as much, or as little as you like. While we do encourage active participation, we also understand that your schedule is busy, so we leave this decision up to you. However involved you chose to be, the ANMF team will support you throughout your journey.

What do I need to know?

You are not expected to know everything, that is our job. Your role is to simply act as a conduit for directing enquiries and updates to and from the ANMF team as needed. If you feel comfortable approaching new employees to become members, that would also be great! But, you are not locked into anything and you can choose to take a break or step down when you need.

What are the benefits?

We did mention there would be benefits didn’t we? Beyond having the opportunity to improve working conditions, while simultaneously advocating for safe quality care for patients, residents, and their families, you will have access to the below:

Ok I am in!

Great! Let’s get started. Firstly, don’t worry if there is already a Rep in your workplace, ward or unit, it is possible to have more than one – after all, two reference points are better than one. Simply follow the steps below to learn more about the process.

Is there training?

Absolutely! We want you to feel supported and educated in your new role. We offer three tiers of training depending on your experience and background. Training opportunities are located in the south, north and north west for your convenience. Our ANMF Organisers and Member Support Team are also on hand to answer your questions and offer support throughout the process too.

What’s next?

Request a nomination form be sent to you by emailing membership@anmftas.org.au or download a copy here. We will send you a digital form to fill out. Be careful not to miss any fields.

Next, you will need two fee-paying ANMF members to support your nomination by filling in their details before you sign and date the form.

Send the completed application form via email to membership@anmftas.org.au or reply paid post using the supplied details.

Once your application has been received, we will notify you with a notice of Rep Nomination. You are required to display this notice publicly in your workplace for 7-10 days.

After the required time has passed, we will be in touch to confirm your nomination. In the event that there are any objections, a ballot will be held, and you will be notified of the results.

Still have questions?

If you are still not sure if being an ANMF Rep is for you, or if you have questions about the process moving forward, we can help! The fact that you have come this far is a good sign that you have what it takes and we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch!