15 May 2019

Over the past two weeks the ANMF, Organisers, Workplace Representatives and members have been out and about across the state talking to the community about the Change the Rules and Aged Care Ratios Campaigns. Events have included participating in doorknocking, market stalls and wobble boarding. Our aged care message has been very well received by members of the community, both young and old and it has been heartening to see how much the community appreciates the work that these valuable nurses and care workers do every day.

If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to visit the ANMF’s list of political pledges here before Saturday’s election to learn who supports ratios in your area. We encourage you to vote for those who support ratios.

Derek Shaft from the Uniting AgeWell Lillian Martin facility participated in door knocking over the weekend.  We asked him how he felt about the experience and he replied, “I was initially reluctant to do door knocking because I felt really nervous about talking to strangers and worried about how we would be received. But I found the conversations to be really positive with people generally quite receptive and actually willing to engage.  It made the whole experience worthwhile.” When asked whether he would do it again he said, “Absolutely! People really do care and the experience highlighted to me how important aged care and the work we do every day is to the wider community.”

ANMF will continue to lobby for our members in aged care in the lead up to the federal election this weekend. As this is the last eNews before the election, we wish to thank all of the Members and Workplace Reps who took the time out of their very busy schedules to campaign for ratios in aged care. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.