Updates: Aged Care

26 June 2019


OneCare Umina Park
ANMF Organiser, Noni Morse has spoken with Executive Director, People and Culture who acknowledges several challenges facing Umina Park. Meanwhile the workplace representative will be working with members to collect evidence of workload issues. ANMF has written to Executive Director Client Services to request a meeting with interim Facility Manager.

The ANMF has received a response from the Chief Executive Officer to concerns about workload raised by members. A follow up member meeting was held on Tuesday 11 June 2019 to discuss the response. Members are currently collecting evidence of workload issues following the opening of new beds and associated changes to rosters. ANMF Organiser, Noni Morse will liaise with workplace representative Nicki Hood to collate and review any evidence collected. This will determine any follow up action.


Medea Park Residential Care St Helens
ANMF officials met with Medea Park members on Thursday 12 June 2019, to discuss professional and industrial issues. Members raised concerns around rosters and pay issues since the implementation of a new roster and payroll system. The ANMF have raised these concerns with management verbally and will follow up with written communication. Once a response has been received, the ANMF will arrange a members meeting to provide feedback. ANMF will continue to support and advocate on behalf of members working at Medea Park.

Regis Norwood and Legana
The ANMF invite Regis members working in at Norwood and Legana to a member meeting today at 3.30pm at the ANMF Launceston office, 19 Brisbane Street. At the meeting we will discuss workload, industrial, and professional issues. All care workers and nurses are welcome to attend. Application forms will be available for non-members who wish to join the ANMF.

Glenara Lakes Southern Cross Care
The ANMF will be meeting with members from Southern Cross Care Tasmania (SCCT) Glenara Lakes in the week of 24 June 2019. The meeting time is to be confirmed and a meeting notice will be sent via email soon. The meeting will be held at the ANMF Launceston office, 19 Brisbane Street. The ANMF have been advised, by members, that SCCT management are proposing changes to rosters. The ANMF will be able to provide advice on the proposed change at the meeting. ANMF will also engage with SCCT management to unsure that any proposed change is made in line with the requirement to consult under the SCCT enterprise agreement.