Updates: Launceston General Hospital (LGH)

26 June 2019

LGH Emergency Department
The ANMF are continuing to advocate for our members working in the LGH Emergency Department (ED). As well as having discussions to improve patient flow throughout the hospital, excessive workloads remain an issue. The ANMF are currently awaiting a response to our correspondence  seeking clarification on proposed interim measures and assurances for ongoing support. The ANMF will distribute a newsflash via email advising members of the Consultative Committee progress following receipt of response.

We advise members working in the LGH ED to contact their ANMF Workplace Representative should they want the ANMF to raise any further concerns at the Consultative Committee.

LGH Ward 5A
ANMF officials met with 5A members on Thursday 13 June. Members were informed of the following successful outcomes from the Step 2 Grievance meeting on 30 May 2019:

  • The Clinical Coach position commenced on 16 June working Monday to Friday on afternoon shifts in a fixed term capacity for a trial period of six months. This role does not have a patient load but is to assist new staff to gain skills.
  • The Tasmanian Health Service (THS) have also agreed to roster 6 staff on nights.

The ANMF welcome the measures implemented by the THS to address the workload concerns of our 5A members.

The ANMF encourage 5A members to contact the ANMF with any ongoing concerns.

LGH Angiography Suite
On 27 May 2019, the ANMF received a response from the THS Chief Operating Officer regarding the business case for the LGH Angiography Suite. The ANMF have been informed the business case has been returned to the THS for further review.. The ANMF are working on confirmation of the details and will continue to update members on the progress of the business case for additional FTE for the Angiography Suite.