Calvary Updates

7 August 2019

Enterprise Agreement
ANMF Organisers and officials were disappointed to have not yet received a response from the employer to the Log of Claims (LOC) lodged on behalf of members. Unfortunately, the first EA meeting was cancelled by the employer. The ANMF have written to the bargaining representatives asking for a response to the LOC by no later than August 26 2019. We have also requested the scheduling of a meeting in the week beginning 2 September 2019. In addition, the ANMF have also raised the fact that pay increases for nurses and midwives working at Lenah Valley and St John’s, are now overdue. See the latest update here.

Calvary 2A
The ANMF recently held an afternoon tea for members on the surgical ward at Calvary as a show of support for their proposed ward reconfiguration. The ANMF encourage members to contact our Member Support Team should you require any further support or advice during this process.